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Opinion: Library stacks




Library Stacks


1999 MSBC 1341.0850

Submitted By:

Library Planning Task Force 

Approved By:

Thomas R. Joachim, State Building Official

Issue Date: 

September 7, 1999 


Are all library stacks required to be a minimum of 44 inches wide as shown in 1341.0850, Figure 56, when books or other objects are provided on both sides of the aisle?


No. The aisle referred to in 1341.0850 relates to the exit access system as described in Chapter 10 of the Uniform Building Code. Components of the exit access system may include aisles, hallways and corridors. An "Aisle Accessway" is defined in UBC 1002 as, "that portion of an exit access that leads to an aisle." Library stacks may be configured to be either aisles or aisle accessways. An aisle accessway is considered part of an accessible route and must therefore meet the minimum width requirements of 1341.0422, Subpart 3, Item A [36 inches].

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