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2010 Registered Plumber's Apprentice Renewals

Plumber apprentice registrations expire June 30, 2010. Renewal notices were mailed in early April to individual registered apprentices. Completed registration renewal forms are due by June 15, 2010, to ensure timely renewal.
The registration renewal form requires the following information be submitted for the twelve months ending June 30, 2010:

  • Names of the plumbing employers that the plumber's apprentice worked for.
  • Hours worked installing water service and sewer piping.
  • Hours worked installing plumbing water distribution systems.
  • Hours worked installing plumbing drain, waste, and vent systems.
  • Hours worked maintaining and repairing plumbing.

Supervisors of plumber apprentices are required to vouch for the work experience claimed by the registered plumber's apprentice with their signature. The form must also be signed by the plumber's apprentice and witnessed by a notary.
In accordance with Minnesota Rule 4716.0020, Subp. 2, a maximum total of 1,750 hours of practical plumbing experience may be credited for one calendar year to the registered plumber's apprentice.
The renewal form includes the total number of hours the apprentice plumber has already accumulated. Those hours are provided so the individual may know how close they are to qualifying for the journeyman plumber license exam. A total of at least 7,000 hours of practical plumbing work experience is required, which must include at least 2,000 hours of water distribution system installation; 2,000 hours of drain, waste, and vent system installation; and 1,000 hours of fixture installation. The remaining 2,000 hours may be in any aspect of plumber work as defined in the Plumbing Code.
The fee to renew a plumber's apprentice registration is $25 when received by the Department of Labor and Industry by June 30, 2010. Registration renewals received after June 30, 2010, must include a late fee of $25 in addition to the original $25 renewal fee. Failure to renew a registration before Oct. 1, 2010 will mean the loss of credit for time worked.

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