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DLI adopts new building codes every six years. All code amendments are developed in partnership with public stakeholders.

Codes must include cost-effective methods of ensuring building safety and energy efficiency.

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Minnesota Building Code Statutes (PDF files)

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Current Minnesota Building Code Documents

These files do not include language from a model code that has been incorporated by reference, only amendments made to a model code.

Optional Enforcement

* These codes have specific statutory authority and with limited exception, are mandatory throughout the state

Archived Minnesota Building Code Documents

These documents are for reference purposes only. These rules or codes are no longer in effect. They are only applied to structures built or altered during the timeframes when the rule or code was in effect.

Related Documents

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The Minnesota State Building Code is the minimum construction standard throughout all of Minnesota including all cities, townships and counties. Although it is not enforceable by municipalities unless it is adopted by local ordinance, this law creates a level playing field for the construction industry by establishing the Minnesota State Building Code as the standard for the construction of all buildings in the state. Following are excerpts of the law contained in 326B.121, subdivisions 1 and 2.

  • Application (1): The state building code is the standard that applies statewide for the construction, reconstruction, alteration, and repair of buildings and other structures of the type governed by the code. The State Building Code supersedes the building code of any municipality. The State Building Code does not apply to agricultural buildings except with respect to state inspections

  • Municipal enforcement (2): (a) If, as of January 1, 2008, a municipality has in effect an ordinance adopting the State Building Code, that municipality must continue to administer and enforce the State Building Code within its jurisdiction. The municipality is prohibited from repealing its ordinance adopting the State Building Code. This paragraph does not apply to municipalities with a population of less than 2,500 according to the last federal census that are located outside of a metropolitan county, as defined in section 473.121, subdivision 4. (b) If a municipality is not required by paragraph (a) to administer and enforce the State Building Code, the municipality may choose to administer and enforce the State Building Code within its jurisdiction by adopting the code by ordinance [appointing a certified building official, and establishing a fee schedule]
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