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Boilers removed from service

slideshow View a slideshow of boiler images from the inspection.

Feb. 1, 2012 -- Daily, DLI's boiler inspectors are tasked with ensuring that if any of the nearly 80,000 boilers and pressure vessels scattered throughout Minnesota are deemed unsafe, the units are repaired or removed from service.

Recently, a  low pressure steam boiler in an apartment building was removed from service (red tagged) by state inspectors until repairs were made because of its deteriorated and dangerous condition.


A low-pressure steam boiler was recently removed from service by inspectors because if its deteriorated and dangerous condition. View a slideshow of the boiler here.

The boiler was not being operated by a properly licensed individual, and as shown in the photos, was very unsafe.

When the inspector found this location he immediately took the boiler out of service. The controls on the boiler did not function and when the repair company tried to remove the low water fuel cut-off from the boiler the piping connecting it to the boiler broke off.

The staybolts (the small welded areas) on the sides of the boiler were deteriorated and leaking. These staybolts are attached to the outer and inner shell of the boiler and prevent the flat surfaces of the boiler from deformation and failure.

The bottom blow/drain piping was also very deteriorated and leaking. This could have caused serious injuries to anyone that would have tried to operate the blowdown/drain valve.

The repair company was able to replace staybolts, piping, sections of deteriorated boiler plate, and controls to allow this boiler to be operated safely until the end of the heating season. This boiler will be replaced with a new one this summer.

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