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Alteration submittals

Prior to beginning an alteration to a manufactured home documentation for the proposed alteration shall be submitted for review and approval. Documentation shall be submitted to the municipality/building official having jurisdiction or to the Minnesota Building Codes and Standards Division for review. Alterations to electrical systems or components require application for permit and inspection by a Minnesota Electrical Inspector.

Documentation, depending on the nature of the alteration, that may be required for submittal are as follows:

  • Types of materials and their specifications. Include; span ratings, grade and species, installation instructions, fire ratings, and etc.
  • Procedure for installation of materials; fastener type and spacing.
  • Engineering designs/calculations for trusses, window/door headers, and frame ground support.
  • Method for extension of appliance flues and plumbing vents through roof if roof changes are proposed.
  • Window schedule indicating and verifying compliance for light (8%), vent (4%), and egress.
  • Plot plan including location on property, property lines, easements, and setbacks.
  • Dimensioned floor plan of existing home and proposed alteration or addition.
  • "R" or "U" values of home when originally constructed (data plate).
  • Owner's name and site address.
  • Contractor's license number and name.
  • Serial number, model name/number, and date of manufacture of home (photocopy of title).

Prior to submittal of documentation, contact the municipality/local building official or the Department of Labor and Industry to find out the type of documentation that will be required for the proposed alteration.

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