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Alteration inspection

Inspections during construction of approved alterations will be required.

Inspections required but not limited to are as follows:

  • Rough-in inspections: structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical
  • Insulation and vapor barrier (if affected in the alteration)
  • Testing of systems: drain lines, water lines, gas lines and electrical
  • Final: all construction and systems included in the alterations.

The Department of Labor and Industry or the municipality having jurisdiction for enforcement of the Minnesota State Building Code will invoice permits, plan reviews and inspection fees. The Department of Labor and Industry will invoice in accordance with MS 326.153 for inspections and plan reviews at $63.25/hour (minimum charge one-half hour).

Upon final inspection and acceptance of the alteration construction a replacement state construction label may be ordered for the home on the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry form.  Photocopies of the permit and inspection reports from a municipality shall be attached to replacement label applications.

If after an alteration has been approved and completed, a dealer or an individual homeowner wishes to sell or offer for sale the manufactured home with alterations, copies of all documents (approved documentation and inspection reports) must be provided to the future consumer purchaser. The future consumer purchaser must be made aware of the alterations that were made to the home and that the home is now in compliance with manufactured home codes.

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