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Workers' compensation -- Permanent partial disability (PPD) schedules

For injuries from Nov. 18, 1985, through June 30, 1993

Minnesota Rules 5223.0010 through 5223.0250
5223.0010 Workers' compensation permanent partial disability schedules
5223.0020 Definitions
5223.0030 Eye schedule
5223.0040 Ear schedule
5223.0050 Skull defects
5223.0060 Central nervous system
5223.0070 Musculoskeletal schedule; back
5223.0080 Musculoskeletal schedule; amputations of upper extremity
5223.0090 Musculoskeletal schedule; sensory loss, upper extremities
5223.0100 Musculoskeletal schedule; motor loss or motor and sensory loss, upper extremities
5223.0110 Musculoskeletal schedule; shoulder
5223.0120 Musculoskeletal schedule; elbow
5223.0130 Musculoskeletal schedule; wrist
5223.0140 Musculoskeletal schedule; fingers
5223.0150 Musculoskeletal schedule; amputations of lower extremities
5223.0160 Musculoskeletal schedule; nerve injury or motor and sensory loss, lower extremities
5223.0170 Musculoskeletal schedule; joints
5223.0180 Respiratory system
5223.0190 Organic heart disease
5223.0200 Vascular disease affecting extremities
5223.0210 Gastrointestinal tract
5223.0220 Reproductive and urinary tract schedule
5223.0230 Skin disorders
5223.0240 Burns
5223.0250 Pre-existing impairments

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