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Workers' compensation -- HIPAA 835 Health care claim payment/remittance advice

5221.0400 Scope

The following are subject to this chapter:  all entities responsible for payment and administration of medical claims compensable under Minnesota Statutes, chapter 176; providers of medical services or supplies for compensable injuries under Minnesota Statutes, section 176.135, subdivision 1; and employees as defined by Minnesota Statutes, section 176.011, subdivision 9. This chapter shall be applied in all relevant determinations made by compensation judges at the department and the Office of Administrative Hearings, and by the commissioner.

Statutory authority:  MS s 175.171; 176.101; 176.135; 176.136; 176.231; 176.83

History:  9 SR 601; 13 SR 2609; 18 SR 2545

Posted:  June 11, 2008

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