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Fasteners for fire-resistive construction


1994 UBC Table 7-B

Submitted By:

MN B. O. Uniformity Committee

Approved By:

Thomas R. Joachim, State Building Official

Issue Date:

August 3, 1998


Are pneumatic roofing nails approved for nailing a single ply of gypsum sheathing on a fire-resistive wall?


No. However, if other types of fasteners are proposed having an evaluation report that permits their use in a specific assembly, then they could be accepted as an alternate approved material.

Committee comments:

Footnote 1 of Table 7-B permits staples as fasteners only for those designs in Table 7-B.  This footnote does not apply to the designs  found in the Gypsum Association's Fire-Resistance Design Manual.

Adopted by committee November 20, 1997 and ratified at the 42nd Annual Institute of Building Officials on January 16, 1998.

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