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Opinion: Garage - dwelling fire separation requirements




Garage - dwelling fire separation requirements


Code: 1994 UBC Section 302.4 exception 3

Submitted By:

MN B. O. Uniformity Committee

Approved By:

Thomas R. Joachim, State Building Official

Issue Date:

July 22,1996


What are the separation requirements of a house with attached garage?


Yes "when...exposed to the weather without adequate protection from a roof, eave, overhang or other covering to prevent moisture or water accumulation on the surface or at joints between members."

Committee comments:

Committee Comments: To comply with the code, the minimum code requirements shall be:

1) Installation of one layer of 5/8" Type 'X' gypsum board on the garage side of the common walls up to the roof sheathing. No taping is required so long as joints are in contact or backed by framing members. (UBC 2511.5)

2) If a builder chooses to enclose the ceiling with one layer of 5/8" Type 'X' gypsum board, in lieu of extending the common wall up to the roof sheathing, they must include all supporting members in addition to the common walls.

3) If the area above the garage ceiling is for dwelling use, the ceiling now becomes a horizontal separation and shall require one layer of 5/8" Type 'X' gypsum board. The common walls and all walls supporting the floor above must also be included. If common trusses are used for part of the separation, they must be designed to provide the necessary framing for the gypsum board connection.

4) When the soffit area of the garage and the house are common, the fire wall shall extend through the soffit.

Adopted by committee November 8, 1995 and approved (as amended) at the 40th Annual Institute of Building Officials on January 12, 1996. Modified by the division by deleting items 5, 6 and 7.

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