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Opinion: Garage curb block


Garage curb block


2000 IRC 403.1.6
Applicable Sections of the Minnesota State Building Code: IRC 403.1.6; State Amendment All anchor bolts installed in masonry shall be grouted in place with at least 1 inch of grout between the bolt and the masonry.

Submitted By:

Uniformity Committee

Approved By:

Thomas R. Joachim, State Building Official

Issue Date: 

January 2005


Can 4-inch block be used for a garage curb?


The use of a 4-inch CMU would not meet the minimum code requirements.

Committee comments:

6-inch block would be required to provide a minimum of 1 inch of grout between the bolt and masonry.

Building Codes and Standards Division Comments:

Table R404.1.1(1) that addresses the use of masonry for 6 inch thick foundation walls has not been deleted by state amendment 1309.0404. The use of the 6-inch curb block for a garage would be at the discretion of the building official as an alternate construction method approved in accordance with accepted engineering practices.

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