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Opinion: CABO/ANSI A117.1 - 1992




CABO/ANSI A117.1 - 1992 


1994 UBC Section 1101 

Submitted By:

City of Minneapolis 

Approved By:

Thomas R. Joachim, State Building Official 

Issue Date: 

October 14, 1996


Is all of CABO/ANSI Standard A117.1 - 1992 included as part of the Minnesota Accessibility Code? 


No. Although 1101 does not make this clear, the purpose of UBC Chapters 11 and Appendix 11 is to scope where and to what degree buildings and grounds must be made accessible to persons with disabilities. (See UBC 1101.1). CABO/ANSI A117.1 provides "how" buildings or components are to be made accessible. (See CABO/ANSI A117.1 Sections 2.1 and 2.2.) 

Division comments:

The user of CABO/ANSI A117.1 must be aware that Appendix A and B are for informational purposes only and are not enforceable as part of the Standard.

Approved by Building Codes and Standards Access Committee July 18, 1996

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